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About company

Group of companies “Veld" is one of leading producer and importer of food products from Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, Thailand, China, India, Vietnam and Hungary. From 1996th we are making the deliveries of such popular products of high quality as green and black olives under "Iberica", "Maestro de Oliva", "Acenorca", "V ohotku!" brands, appetizers and olive oil of Olive Line production, canned fruits "Lorado", chocolate cream "Nussa", Indian coffee "Indian Instant Coffee" and a lot of other products.

Having big experience on the market, Veld Company has decided to launch the products under own private labels. Thus green and black olives under "Diva Oliva" and "San Eduardo" brands, canned fruits under "Tropic Life" brand, canned mushrooms and vegetables under "Dolina Zhelaniy" brand have appeared on the Ukrainian market. The choice of these products was not by chance.

Green and black olives are the available delicacy, tasty and healthy. All products under "Diva Oliva" and "San Eduardo" brands are producing on Olive Line Int. factory in Spain and have the high quality level. The range of the products can satisfy the requirements of the most exacting gourmet: pitted and whole green and black olives, green olives with anchovy, shrimps, lemon and cucumber.
Canned fruits "Tropic Life" are presented by such exotic for our country fruits like pineapple, mango, guava, papaya, lychee, longan, rambutan, jackfruit, medlar (loquat), kiwi, mandarin and also such popular and family for us – peach, strawberry, apricot and pear. Besides, you always can enjoy you with unusual cocktails "Tropic Life" – Tropic cocktail, Exotic cocktail with coconut, Mediterranean cocktail from 5 fruits.

"Dolina Zhelaniy" brand is presented by: mushroom group (champignons, namekos, shiitakes, butter mushrooms, marinated assorted mushrooms), vegetable group (green peas, sweet corn, baby cucumbers, cucumbers, tomatoes, corn-cobs) and fruit group (pineapple, peach). All products are carefully packed in the most comfortable for customers package. Thanks to unique can and absence of preservatives the products keep their initial taste and aroma.

High quality, reasonable prices, perfect service – these are the basic principles of Veld Company!

Each step is directed to the satisfying of the customer requirements: variety and constant improvement of product range, informing about the possible using of the product (different variants, receipts and combinations), regular motivation with action programs.

We are working for you! We are sure that our collaboration will be fruitful and pleasant and your cuisine will always be festive, original and dainty with the products of Veld Company!

About company