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Green peas

Peas a real source of proteins. The peas contain twice more proteins than wheat or rye. The peas have more calories than meat, it is as nourishing as buckwheat and rice, contains as much starch as potatoes. The peas are reach in a lot of vitamins - , group, , and such important for life elements, as iron, calcium, potassium, iodine, magnesium and sodium.

The peas contain folic acid and a big quantity of selenium. Dietary fiber of peas deletes from the organism the unnecessary water and slags. The dietarians recommend taking the peas if you have anaemia, atherosclerosis and overweight, to prevent the goitre.

A half of the cup of green peas will provide you with daily norm of nicotine acid. This matter is very important for man because it protects the organism from atherosclerosis, oncology diseases, asthma and normalizes the level of cholesterol in the blood. The peas protect from thrombus, come out the bile and improve the heart muscle function. The pods of peas are also very healthy because they contain a lot of chlorophyll, iron and calcium.

From ancient times the folk medicine has knew and has used the healing properties of the peas, even now it recommends to include the peas to the nutrition when tuberculosis, diabetes or vitiligo are treated. Folk doctors indicate on the diuretic properties of the peas.

Renal and urinary calculus

Take 2-3 glasses of hot peas-water or tasty pods broth.
Complex treatment of abscess and furunculosis
During 14 days on the empty stomach take 2 spoons of healing mix: 3 spoons of grinded dried peas, rice and millet fry on the frying pan during 3-4 minutes stirring slowly. Add 1 glass of hot water and cook during 7 minutes. Put to the jar, keep cool.
Also make the poultices to the inflamed place from the grinded peas. Grind the peas and add the water, make the pour paste and put a bit of the made paste on the inflamed place, fast with the adhesive plaster. Repeat the procedure up to the good result.
Before the meal chew and swallow 3-4 grains of fresh or dried steeped peas.
Low level of hemoglobin
Every day eat during the breakfast 3-4 spoons of peas.
Eczema, festering wound, bruise
Make the poultices from the peas. To increase the medicinal effect, mix 1 spoon of mashed peas and frothed egg-whites.
Put the powder from milled peas to the skin if the skin came off from the burn.
Improving of brain vessels function
4-5 times a day take 1 spoon of dried peas with the water.
Cold, inner organs pain after physical works
2 tea spoons of grinded wild peas roots boil during 15 minutes with one glass of water. Wait 1 hour and filter. Take 1 spoon of extract 3-4 times a day.
Attention! Peas are not recommended for the people suffered from podagra, acute nephritis and enteritis. If you have stomach and duodenum you can take only mashed peas. Old people should boil peas or other beans to make them soft. To prevent the flatulence or discharging of flatus add the carrot to the dishes from peas and eat them with the bread.