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“Chinese gooseberries”, “monkey peach” or simply kiwi

The kiwi is one of the most popular tropic fruit. The taste of its pulp is very pleasant with a bit of acid and it resembles the strawberry.

Kiwi is cultivated during more than 700 years. The kiwi is native for China and this fact gave it the name “Chinese gooseberry”. In 1906 kiwi was brought to New Zeeland where it started to be cultivated and during a lot of years this country has been the leading importer of this juicy tropic fruit. After some time to increase the level of trade “Chinese gooseberry” in New Zeeland it was renamed to – “êiwi”, in honor of an unusual bird without wings and with the feathers like the peel of the kiwi fruit. By the way, kiwi had one more interesting name – “monkey peach”, maybe because of the associations with monkey skin or maybe the monkey love very much to eat this fruit, it is unknown.

The kiwi fruits are very healthy; they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. The quantity of À, D and Ñ vitamins in kiwi are twice more than in orange: and one fruit gives the daily norm of these vitamins for an adult. The kiwi also contains Â2, Â3, Â6, Å vitamins, beta-carotene and folic acid, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and etc. The pulp of kiwi contains fruit acids, pectin and enzymes. The fruit is very healthy.

During a lot of times the kiwi fruits were used in traditional Chinese medicine to improve the stomach function, prevent the nephrolith, to feel good, to steady nerves, to prevent the premature appearing of grey hairs.

The researching of kiwi fruits got the incredible results. It turned out that kiwi can digest the fats that block the arteries, this possibility help to decrease the risk of thrombosis. The effect appears to 28 day from the taking 2-3 fruits a day. This period is enough to decrease the risk to 18%, and also the level of bad fat acid in the blood becomes lower.

Kiwi is used for cosmetic purpose due to the possibility to make good influence to the metabolism in the skin: big quantity of magnesia cause antistress effect to the skin. The extract of kiwi has refreshing and restorative characteristics, favour the strengthening and smoothing of the skin. Besides, it brings light whiten effect. A big concentration of amino and fruit acids strengthens the skin and smoothes the small wrinkles, roughness resulted by acne and inflames. After the using of kiwi extract the skin becomes elastic, smoothed and brilliant.

This gift of nature has antitumoral, antioxidant and antimutagen actions, improve to intake of protein by organism and increase the physical efficiency.