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Strawberry – berry of love

Concerning the new researches the eating of strawberry increase significantly libido... It has the influence for women and for men. The reason of this effect is zinc and its big quantity in seeds of the berries. Zinc is a very important element that facilitates the sexual stimulation. It controls the “behavior” of hormone which helps to woman to direct to the sex and it is one of the most important component in the mans’ sperm. “Every day when you making sex or simply would like to prepare yourself and your partner to the night of love, eat a bit of strawberry”, - Patrick Holford, a founder of Institute of nutrition optimization said. In these berries also there are a lot of antioxidants which optimizes the blood flow to the sexual organs. Besides, they contain the least quantity of polysaccharides in contrast to a lot of other fruits. This allows maintaining the energetic level by a bit of calories.
The most healthful…

If you eat these berries every day, your immune system and vessels will strengthen.
The strawberry has powerful anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action. Antimicrobial property of strawberry is used for nasopharynx inflammatory diseases treatment and deodorizing of the mouth cavity. The strawberries suppress the progress of the influenza. So if you take the sweet berries during summer heat, you will provide you with the good immunity during winter cold.
The presence of iodine in its content compensates the luck of it in our usual food and water.
The strawberry decreases the level of sugar. Because of that it is included in the nutrition of people suffering from diabetes. It is tasty and healthy.
It is recommended to treat the strawberries during the whole season to people suffering from cystic and renal diseases. It is good to take not less than 400 grams of strawberry each day or without any limitations, if you don’t have the allergy.
The strawberry is a natural diuretic and makes the sedative effect to the liver. It is recommended to use the strawberries diet to anyone who suffers from rheumatism and liver diseases. During one week it is necessary to take 1.5 kg of the strawberries. Plus you will get out the kilos accumulated during the winter time.
Salicylic acid containing in this berry helps to remove the joints pain.
The strawberry can make up a deficiency of the iron when suffering from anaemia. 200 grams of strawberry contain: 60 calories, 4.6 g of dietary fiber, 0 g of fat, 1.2 g of proteins, 14 g of carbohydrates, 28 mg of calcium, 0.8 mg of iron, 20 mg of magnesium, 38 mg of phosphorus, 54 mg potassium, 1.4 mg of selenium, 113.4 mg of vitamin C, 35.4 mcg of folic acid, 54 IU of vitamin Ą.
Masks from strawberry make good drying effect and treat the blackhead rash, make the pores smaller. Before the strawberry mask dub the clean skin with the juice of this berry. Put the cotton with strawberry puree to the face for 15-20 minutes. Tape a bit on the face with the cotton as if you would like to flog the juice into the skin. Clean the face with the water or cotton tampon moisten in the cold milk. This is the best mask for the dry skin. The skin will be elastic.
Aromatic juice from strawberry – the best lotion! This is miraculous lotion deleting pigmental blotches and freckles. But to reach the result you like it is necessary to do the mask every day during 3 weeks. If the skin is dry, dehydrated, with pigmental blotches, oil the skin with olive or corn oil before making mask. Sunflower-seed oil sometimes can increase the pigmentation. Make the hot wet poultice. Put it to 5-7 minutes to the face. After the poultice make the mask from strawberry to 10-15 minutes. It will be better to clean the face after the mask with extract of lime-tree flowers - 2 spoons to 1 litre of water.
It is good to add strawberry, cottage cheese, honey, and lime to the creams. So don’t lose the chance to be beautiful.
Strong allergen If you suffer from allergy, you should decrease the quantity of strawberry in your ration or take it with a cup of any sour milk product. This berry is also forbidden when you suffer from gastric juice flow, lingering gastric and intestinal colic, appendicitis. Little babies and pregnant women strawberries and the extract from its leaves should be taking with a high care.

Formula of ideal dish from strawberry with cream
The scientists from Nottingham University created a formula of ideal taste mix of strawberry with cream. They insist on the assertion that the full satisfaction from this dish you can get if you mix 7 berries – about 210 grams and 105 grams of cream. At the same time it is astonishing fact that the best
addition to the strawberry is yogurt. The reason of it is the smooth taste of yogurt that gives the possibility to sense the real aroma of berries.