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Mango – the benefit and delicacy in one fruit. Mango is considered the India native fruit where this tropic fruit is a preferred dish for rich people and commoners during more than last 4 thousands years. Jelal ad-Din Akbar one of the most well-known representative of the Grand Mogul dynasty who was not only a wise politician, widened the frontiers of Imperia, but also far-sighted and experienced economic executive, had a reason to make the order to lay out a garden on the Ganges plain from the hundred thousands of mango trees.
Now mango is very popular fruit of tropic latitudes from where it is exported to other regions. It is juicy “relative” of pistachio. In Europe mango became known due to the Alexander the Great campaign. This fruit always was considered as juicy delight. As a rule its pulp is very sweet and may have the different aroma – pine-peach, banana-lemon, melon, but always with the exotic conifer note unusual for other fruits. In the middle of the fruit which wait is usually about 180 grams - 1 kilo there is a big lamellar stone in the form of pistachio. This resemblance is no coincidence because mango and pistachio are “relatives” from the Anacardiaceous family.

Mango as a lot of yellow-orange fruit has a lot of carotinoid. First of all the pulp contains a lot of beta-carotene even more than the carrot. It is known that the human organism uses the beta-carotene for vitamin A synthesis. The deficit of it in the organism increases the risk of cold, leads to the cornification impairment, make the night sight worse. Plus the mango pulp is rich for the vitamin B, organic acids, fibbers, iron and potassium.

The presence of a big quantity of biologically active matters makes mango one of the remedy used in traditional Indian medicine. In our time the scientists of the whole word have agreed that the mango have big nutrition value and not only.
Skin protection
The big quantity of beta-carotene in the fruits, play the role of the antioxidant in the organism, protect the skin cells from the damaging factors of the environment. One of these factors is ultraviolet radiation. And if the season of active sun in our region is not coming, do not forget about this property of mango when coming to the exotic country.
Night blindness
The lack of vitamin À is accompanied by the impairment of sight pigment synthesis and calls the night blindness. In this situation the ophthalmologists recommend to follow the diet with big quantity of carotene. Mango in this sense is very suitable product. The fruit acid stimulates the digestion.
Baby food
For infants in arms and for little babies the mango muss is not less health-giving than carrot puree. This dish is sweet, juicy, flavored and meets baby’s need in the liquid. Choose the ripe fruits, but not overripe. The last one has a bit soft peel.
Intestines functioning regulation The mango fruits have purgative effect reasoned by the presence of natural fruit acids and dietary fibbers. If you suffer from constipation it is recommended to take two mangos during the day.
Excretion of slags
Due to the big volume of water and mineral matters in the mango pulp this fruit stimulates the renal and intestines functioning. Fasting days with mango improve the metabolism and delete the unnecessary water from the organism.
High blood pressure
The one mango fruit with the weight of 640 grams covers one third of daily need of organism in potassium and considerably decreases the blood pressure. Mango juice helps to strength the blood vessels walls and can be used in diet therapy of atherosclerosis.
Prophylactics of oncology diseases
The pulp of mango is rich in the agents with antioxidant property. One of them is carotinoid criptoxantin. According to the researches the big quantity of products in the food containing this “catchers” of the free radicals, decreases the risk of the tumour development.
Relax the nerves and prevent the stress
Stress: Emotional load during the long period makes more strong demands to the functional state of the nervous system. As we know, during this process vitamin Bg is actively spent. Everyday eating of mango fruits will make up a deficiency of vitamin in organism.
Sleep disturbance: You can’t sleep and toss and turn in the bed? Exotic fruit cocktail will help you: mix a bit of mango and banana pulp and 150 grams of the yogurt. Regularly taking of this drink will help you to normalize the sleep.
Gastritis The sweet fruit even during the meal calm the irritated mucous membrane of stomach, because it is rich in provitamin A that protects it. Mango can be taken raw with lemon juice. But it can also be used for salad, comfiture or juice.
Cosmetic mask
Mango fruits can be used in cosmetic purposes. Mask from 2 spoons of mango juice or knead mango, 1 tea spoon of honey and 1 spoon of olive oil will nourish the skin for 15 minutes. Wash off the mask carefully.