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Olive oil

The best product olive tree can give is olive oil. This product has rich fruit aroma, tint of spices and sometimes with a light agreeable bitter flavor. The fruits of olive tree have about hundred of active agents (most of all E, A and C vitamins). These agents help to restore the strengths very quickly.

A lot of medicine properties of olive oil were known by ancient Greeks. It was used as a base for almost all balsams and lotions production as an anti-inflammatory component.

Olive oil consists for 80% on unsaturated fat monoacids and assists in “good” cholesterol level increasing and “bad” cholesterol level decreasing. “Bad” cholesterol creates atherosclerotic plaques in arteries. Polyunsaturated fat acids consist on olive oil and prevent from tumors in intestine, suppress the growth of malignant cells.

Besides it, olives and olive oil it is ideal diet products. If you every morning on an empty stomach take 1 tea spoon of olive oil, your weight will be under control.