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Papaya or «melon tree» is one of the most popular cultural plants of tropics and more warm districts of subtropics. In the countries of Central America and Mediterranean, papaya is a healing product.

From ancient times it was taken to treat gastritis, thromboses, to lead out toxins; for external use - to treat burns, rejuvenate the skin, delete freckles, pigmental blotches and warts, and strength the hairs.

The main natural ferments consisting in papaya are the basic benefits of it; the most important of them is papain. Due to this ferment, the papaya extracts is used actively in cosmetology purpose, especially for the matters for oily skin. Papain corrects the unsmoothed rough skin, grey color and big pores (hyperkeratosis). It is very stable: can work in wide temperature and đÍ ranges (from 3 to 8).

Papaya extract helps to regenerate the skin cells, make the skin dense, increase the turgor and smooth the wrinkles. It also has the cleaning and anticellulite effect, prevents the fat deposition and normalize the metabolism.