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With cucumbers

Salad with meat and olives


ham - 50 gr.,
boiled beef - 50 gr.
boiled potatoes - 500 gr.
canned green peas - 2 spoons,
vegetable oil - 3 spoons,
mayonnaise - 1 spoon, pepper,
lemon juice, salt,
boiled eggs – 2 ps.,
canned cucumbers - 2 ps.

Cut potatoes, ham, beef, cucumbers and eggs by blocks and mix them together. Add vegetable oil, salt, pepper, mayonnaise and lemon juice. Decorate the salad with olives and green peas. Put the salad to the refrigerator for 1 your.

Salad with squids and cucumbers


boiled squids – 400 gr,
boiled potatoes 200 gr.,
canned mushrooms – 200 gr.,
canned cucumbers – 2 ps.,
onion – 150 gr.,
mayonnaise - 150 gr.,

Slice mushrooms, potatoes and cucumbers, cut squids and onion. Mix all ingredients and add mayonnaise. Decorate with lettuce.