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With mushrooms

Tartlet with mushrooms


2 packs of tartlets,
mushrooms (champions, ceps, russules) – 300 gr.,
eggs – 3 ps.,
mayonnaise “European” – 100 gr.,
onion – 1 pc.,
salt, vegetable oil – 50 gr.,
blacks olives, walnuts, lemon.

Cut mushrooms and fry them with the onion and oil. Boil eggs hard. Grate egg-whites and mix with mushrooms and mayonnaise, add a salt. Fill the tartlets with mass. Grate yolks of eggs. Decorate the tartlets with grated yolks and parsley. Grated walnuts, garlic, black olives and lemon also can be added.

Italian sandwich


wheat bread - 4 hunk,
butter - 30 gr.,
canned mushrooms - 4 ps.,
canned fish – 4 ps.,
cheese – 4 ps.,
onion - 1/2 pc.,
parsley greenery,
paprika and pepper.

Oil a bread hunk. Knead fish and mix it with cut onion and mushrooms. Add paprika and pepper to the mixture. Put the mixture to the bread and add one slice of the cheese to each hunk of bread. Put the sandwiches to the oiled baking sheet, put the sheet to the oven and bake the sandwiches. After cooking decorate them with the cut greenery.

Salad "Barb Island"


shrimps - 200 gr.,
ham - 100 gr.,
boiled potatoes - 2 ps.,
paprika – 1pc.,
canned haricot - 100 gr.,
canned champions - 80 gr.,
olive oil - 2 spoons,
lemon juice – 1 spoon,
olives - 30 gr.,
parsley greenery,
salt, pepper.

Slice potatoes, capsicum, shrimps and ham. Mix them. Add salt and pepper. Mix oil and lemon juice. Pour out the mixed sauce to the salad. Add haricot and a part of champions. Mix the salad. Put it to the dish and decorate with olives, champions and greenery.