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With green and black olives

Sandwich with black olives


1 hunk of bread,
black olives - 5 - 6 ps.,
onion – 10 gr.,
boiled egg - 1/3,
vegetable oil - 1 tea spoon,
salt, pepper,
greenery for decoration.

Mash olives, cut onion and eggs. Mix the products together. Add salt, pepper and oil. Put the mass to the bread and decorate with the greenery.

Greek salad


tomatoes – 200 gr.,
cucumbers – 200 gr.,
paprika – 200 gr.,
cheese “Feta” – 200 gr.,
black olives – 1 can,
greenery, spring onion, salt,
vinegar (or lemon juice),
olive oil – 100 gr.

Cut the vegetables and onion to large parts. Put cheese and olives to vegetables. Add salt, lemon juice and olive oil. Decorate with greenery.

Sausage tubules


sausage or ham – 400gr., (or 200 gr. each of them),
walnuts - 2 glasses, lemon,
black olives - can,
mayonnaise “European” – 100gr.,
garlic - 2-3 chives,

Cut the sausage with the diameter about 10 sm. Grate the nuts, add garlic and mayonnaise. If this mass is too thick, add one or two spoons of juice from olives. Cat olives and lemon to 4 parts and after that cut each lemon quarters to thin slices. Put nuts, olives and lemon slice to the sausage. Make roll and fasten it with toothpicks. Put the rolls to the dish in the form of pyramid. Decorate the dish with the greenery.

Rolls with cheese and black olives


wheat bread - 1 pc.,
butter 100 gr.,
pitted black olives - 5-6 ps.,
ketchup – 1 spoon,
cheese – 70 gr.,
smoked salmon - 90 gr.,
greenery for decoration

Cut away the crust from bread. Cut bread for 4 hunks. Roll 2 hunks of bread with rolling pin, oil them. Put the slice of salmon to the bread, add olive and make the rolls. Put each sandwich to the paper and roll them. Put the rolls to the refrigerator. Make the circles (5-6 sm.) from other 2 bread hunks, fry them or dry a bit in the toaster. Cool and oil the sandwiches. Beat up the butter with the ketchup. Make the circles from the cheese and put them to each sandwich. Put one tea spoon of beat butter to the sandwich and decorate with grated cheese and greenery.

Salad with squids and olives


boiled squids - 200 gr.,
tomato – 1 pc.,
paprika – 1 pc.,
pitted olives - 50 gr.,
cut garlic - 1 tea spoon,
lemon – 1 pc.,
olive oil – 3 spoons,
parsley greenery,
salt, mustard – 1 tea spoon.

Cut the squids by rings. Mix lemon juice, mustard, garlic, salt and oil. Put the squids to the sauce for 15 minutes.
Slice paprika and cut tomatoes by bricks. Add squids without sauce and cut olives. Mix all ingredients. Put the salad to the dish and decorate it with the greenery.

Salad “Green”


lettuce - 80 gr.,
spring onion - 20 gr.,
garlic greenery - 10 gr.,
parsley greenery - 20 gr.,
dill greenery - 20 gr.,
honey - 1 tea spoon,
lemon - 1/2 p.,
vegetable oil - 1 spoon,
pitted olives - 40 gr., salt.

Wash and cut garlic, parsley and dill greenery. Mix all greenery together. Add honey, oil, lemon juice, cut olives and salt. Mix them together. Put the salad to the dish and decorate with lettuce and olives.