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With sweet corn and green peas

Striped sandwich


rye bread – 1 large hunk,
carrot - 1 pc.,
boiled beet - 1 pc.,
spring onion – 30 gr.,
oil mixture – 2 spoons,
canned green peas - 1 spoons,
cream or mayonnaise - 1 spoon,
boiled potatoes – 1 pc, salt.

Slice boiled vegetables and grate raw vegetables. Add cream or mayonnaise and salt the vegetables separately. Cut away the crust from bread and oil the bread with oil mixture (oil with greenery, mustard, tomato past or horse-radish). Put vegetables and bread row upon row, add the spring onion. Cut the sandwich by bricks or triangles.

Interesting salad


shrimps - 1 can,
canned corn – 1 can,
canned cucumbers – 2 ps.,
boiled eggs – 2 ps.,
mayonnaise - 150 gr.,
lemon – 20 gr., greenery.

Cut eggs and cucumbers by bricks. Put shrimps, eggs and corn to dish by layers. Add mayonnaise and decorate with greenery and lemon.

Salad with apples, corn and squids


apples – 2 ps.,
squids - 300 gr.,
canned corn – 200 gr.,
mayonnaise - 2 spoons,
lettuce, dill greenery.

Peel the apples and cut them by bricks. Peel the squids, boil during 2-3 minutes, and cut by bricks. Mix apples, squids and corn together. Add mayonnaise and decorate the salad with dill greenery.

Salad "Light"


boiled shrimps - 200 gr.,
tomatoes – 3 ps.,
canned green peas – 200 gr.,
onion – 1 pc.,
mayonnaise - 1/2 of glace.

Slice tomatoes; add cut shrimps, onion, and mayonnaise. Mix all ingredients. Decorate with cut spring onion.